Drawings and Paintings

Lil' Red
December 2006

This was a final assignment for Pensacola State College. We could do anything we wanted so I chose to do something challenging for myself. I always liked the idea of creating by adding light instead of shadow because that's how it works in nature. I didn't have much experience with chalk pastels so this was a learning experience. Hopefully I'll get some free time after I graduate and work on some other story artwork. More Brother's Grimm style than nursery rhyme.


This was created using black paper, chalk pastels and white charcoal pencil.

Electric Guitar

So I had a large piece of black paper sitting around and decided to do something with. I had no plan and just went with it.


This was created using black paper, chalk pastel and white charcoal.


This was a project at Pensacola State College. It is cut up ink drawings glued together.


This was created using white paper India ink and pen.

Self Portrait

This is one of my final projects from UAB. It is a self portrait but looks more like someone who could be another brother instead of myself but it's still a relatively good likeness considering this is the first face I've ever painted. I am rather happy with the facial har part though. Got that spot-on.


This was created using Oil Paint

Ctrl-Eye: "Chill", "RGB", "Carried Away" and "The First Pig"

Years back, I was working over night and sleeping during the day. Because of this, I needed a way to block the sunlight piercing through my window. I bought some black poster board and pinned it up over the window and it worked like a charm. I decided it was too plain so I decided to start drawing on it. I don't know where the idea came from, but I wanted to draw inverted; shadows would be white and light would be black. I drew a version of "The First Pig" in 2005 as a doodle on a blue piece of 3X3 post-it and I decided to use it to experiment and I loved it. I called the entire series Ctrl-Eye as a wink to the old MS Paint command to invert colors. I was so happy with the results I challenged myself to draw something in color and was even more happy with that (RGB.)


This was created using black paper, white charcoal and chalk pastels.



This is one of my still lifes from UAB, we were to paint a white scene but use colors in the shadows and highlights to give it a more true-to-life look.


This was created using oil paint.

Amp Plug

This is one of my final project pieces from UAB. We had to take a regular object and paint it in a more interesting way. I chose an amplifier plug and wanted to make it seem a little alive flying around like a long tailed dragon.


This was created using oil paint.


This is a project from Pensacola that introduced me to chalk pastels. The tabs are actually the cords to a song I wrote with the same name along with some of the lyrics


This was created using chalk pastel on white paper.

Still Lifes

These are some of my first oil paintings. I had used acrylics before but I soon learned how much a different game oils were. I actually struggled quite a bit with moving the paint properly and blending until I had an epiphany and realized how similarly the oil paint reacted to the brush on canvas as the smudge tool works with colors in Photoshop. I almost instantly had it down.


These were created using oil paint.