Natural Beauty 2

This is the second installment of “Natural Beauty.” What were the odds that my niece, McKenna, would sit by this rose long enough to set this up? Something in the realm of zilch. That’s why I had to take two pictures to create the same effect as Natural Beauty 1. Ironicaly, the "natural beauty" in the flower is artificial as we weren't lucky enough to find a perfect flower, so I revived it a little and colored it with Photoshop. That doesn't detract from the reason I call this mini-series Natural Beauty, however, because it's a more a comment on the natural beauty in an infant's eyes.

Natural Beauty 1

This is the first installment of "Natural Beauty." The picture was taken by Peyton's (the subject's) mother with the simple idea of "Hey there's a flower, let's put her up to it and take a picture." I was going to straighten it out on Photoshop when I realised just how vibrant they eye and flower were in the picture. To appreciate these natural, beautiful colors, I desaturated everything except the eye and flower and fell in love with the concept and decided to call it "Natural Beauty."

McKenna Photoshoot

I used my father's camera (I still don't have a DSLR camera of my own) to take a little photoshoot of my niece, McKenna. With a little ingenutiy, a couch and a black velvety soft blanket, we set up a nice black background so one can adore the little tike properly.