Sculptures and Such

Starbucks Lady

Out of the 4 "portraits" we had to do in my class, one had to be of a stranger. So my fiancé and I went to Starbucks to observe someone. The person we observed was a woman who appeared to be on a first date. She was fidgetting like crazy and this was what made her stand out against everything so I decided to use that as my main identifier. The ball is the woman. I have a motor under it that when turned on makes it bob and spin. The black and white was pulled from the tiled floor and the squares represent the relative stillness around her.

This was created using wood shapes, acrylic paint, a Starbucks cup, and a motor.

Jim Carey

This is one of the 4 "portraits" for my class at UAB. This one was to be a celebrity of our choosing. I decided to use Jim Carey as he is one of my favorite actors. I decided to comment on Carey's unequal balance of comedy roles (symbolized by the empty Ace Ventura hair) and inteligent roles (symbolized by the brain which is also a reference to "A Beautiful Mind.") I made the base a film reel to make it clear what the commentary was about.

This was created using wood , acrylic paint and oven bake clay.


The assignment here was to take a word that we drew from a hat and branch it out to mean something different, then sculpt it out of a piece of 2X4X6 wood. My word was "speed". I went from "speed" to "drugs" to "meth." I had never sculpted anything before so this was quite an experience. I first glued several cuts of wood together to make the general shape, cut the basic form using a band saw (probably not the safest thing) and then used my brand new angle grinder with chain saw attachment and had at it. Basically my statement here is that users of meth are commiting suicide, which is why I chose to use a noose as the tie.


This was created using pine, various objects, sugar (crystalized meth) and Apple cider vinegar for liquid in syringe.

Self Portrait

This is my self portrait. It incorporates mt love for making something out of random stuff and electronics. You press the button and it lights up.

This was created using miscelaneous findings.


These are a couple texture projects from UAB. I don't remember the specific requirements of the project.


The corel is made from: air dry clay molded around a wire frame, which was a bad decision because it cracked all over; tape to cover the cracks; wood glue, sand and paint. The other thing is over 1,500 beads meticulously glued to a chunk of wood.

Bell Pepper

This project required us to view a natural object from multiple views and sketch the shapes we saw in it. I used a bell peper and sliced it open to get the inside view. Wer were then instructed to build a three dimentional sculpture using some of the found shapes and build with nothing but thin plywood and glue. I wouldn't have painted it but it was part of the project.


This was created using plywood glue and paint.