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↑This is a Flash animation I created in class.↑

Welcome to my portfolio!


  Hello there! My name is Branden Jeffers and this is my portfolio site. I am currently attending ITT tech, majoring in Graphic Communications and Design.

  I was already Photoshop savy many years ago, but recently my arsenal of programs has grown quite a bit thanks to ITT. I have grown fond of Autodesk 3DS max and even learned that coding can be... not necessarily fun... but rewarding.

 I am well adapted to: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier, Dreamweaver, Flash and 3DS Max.

Natural Beauty 2


This is the second installment of “Natural Beauty.” What were the odds that my niece, McKenna, would sit by this rose long enough to set this up? Something in the realm of zilch. That’s why I had to...

D.C. Ruins

September 2012

This was a class assignment for ITT Tech. Though the assignment was geared toward wanton destruction, I gave it somemeaning. My instructor gave us a folder full of images and required that we...

Lil' Red

December 2006

This was a final asignment for Pensacola State College. We could do anything we wanted so I chose to do something chalenging for myself. I always liked the idea of creating by adding light instead of shadow...